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In the framework of our project, you can personally help the special children and their parents by giving them your time and attention, care and understanding, communication and friendship ! There are many challenges but together we can solve them faster and better ! Thank you for your generosity and trust!

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Inclusivity Resource Center Started to Work in Vasylkiv Region, Kyivska Oblast --- DCP-Help---

Inclusivity Resource Center Started to Work in Vasylkiv Region, Kyivska Oblast

   school putrivka open2  

On August 30, 2018, a solemn opening of Vasylkiv Region Inclusivity Resource Center (IRC) at famous Putrivka Educational Complex took place.
This long-awaited event appeared to be possible due to the support of Ukraine Supreme Council, Kyiv Oblast and Vasylkiv Region Councils, and also Putrivka Village Council.

In honour of the opening, a special concert took place presenting the talents of Vasylkiv Region schools pupils. A hospitable “master of triumph” Lesia Bytko (Director of Putrivka Educational Center) made all possible for the event to become a considerable informational occasion in the scale of the whole country.
The honourable guests of the event became the Deputy of Supreme Council Igor Kononenko, Head of Department of Education and Science of Kyiv Oblast State Administration Vera Rogova, Head of Vasylkiv Region Council Natalia Balasinovich, Head of Putrivka Village Council Vitaly Onischuk.
Now the Inclusivity Resource Center opened its doors for more than 200 children of Vasylkiv Regoin with special needs. “Vasylkiv IRC will definitely become the best institution of such kind in Kiyv Region”,-- stated the Acting Director of IRC Juliya Lubchenko.

DCP-Help is happy to join the remarkable initiative of Putrivka Educational Center and ready to support this important project by all means.


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Replenishment in Maibutnye Razom! --- DCP-Help---

Replenishment in Maibutnye Razom!


Today the equipment park of Maibutnye Razom Rehabilitation Center has replenished with a new unit. Verticalizer Super Stand Prime Engineering was given to the Center by DCP Help public organization (Ukraine) with support of Orange Penguin Foundation (USA). This is technological and reliable apparatus, which helps children with special needs to form, train and correct the skills of standing and activity in this position.

We thank Orange Penguin Foundation and personally Irina Kuznetsova for cooperation! Separate thanks to Alexander Deineka for transport support!

We wish everybody health and wellness!



Christmas Carols in Middle Way --- DCP-Help---

Christmas Carols in Middle Way.

   koliada 2018 2 

Generous and merry holiday was given to children by Middle Way Kindergarten (town of Vasylkiv, Kiev Region)!

The participants watched the dolls-animated story of Jesus birth, presented amateur artistic show, and amicably sang Christmas carols, getting gifts.

A few of special master classes took place in the frames of the event, in particular: cooking traditional Christmas dishes and making decorations. Assisted by adults the children backed cookies, cooked traditional Kutya and make chocolate fondue. The celebration finished with common testing of culinary masterpieces.


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